Jonathan K.S.

Product and Marketing Leader

About Me

20+ years covering the SDLC from vision to code to market.

I am a data-driven and creative product expert with a wealth of hands-on and management experience.

I have spent over 20 years in the tech industry, 12 of which in Product capacities spanning multiple sectors and industries at almost every post along the SDLC - from prototyping through development to go-to-market.

Boosted with a can-do attitude, solid technical background, strong cross-functional communication skills, marketing proficiency, and business acumen, I am a "Swiss Army Knife" for the companies I work with and for.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Jonathan Kaye Solomon.


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Konrad Biwojno profile picture
Konrad Biwojno
Chief Technology Officer @ Kapital Analytics / CDG
Konrad worked with Jonathan on the same team
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...He used hard data and clear goals to guide teams workload and was always in sync with everyone, from customers to developers . . . He has a knack for UI/UX, knows when to switch up his game between Agile and Waterfall methods, and takes the time to learn from every project cycle….

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Rebeka Polgar profile picture
Rebeka Polgar
Rebeka managed Jonathan directly
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...His strategic approach to project management, creative technical problem solving and interpersonal relationships with customers was exemplary . . . If you need a transformative and dynamic force for your company, Jonny is your guy.

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Nadav Rimon profile picture
Nadav Rimon
Nadav worked with Jonathan but they were at different companies
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...he made invaluable contributions to the design and product management process . . . His design work was not only visually appealing but also highly functional, providing a clear roadmap for our team to follow.

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Tzachi Zack profile picture
Tzachi Zack
Co-founder and CEO @ DaBoost
Tzachi was Jonathan’s client
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...Jonathan helped us find the exact market fit for our product . . . helping us also to build our roadmap. His writing, verbal and illustrations abilities had much effect on our overall marketing approach and overall success.

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Ian Louw profile picture
Ian Louw
Lead Data Engineer @ Kapital Analytics
Ian worked with Jonathan on the same team
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...Jonny consistently demonstrated his ability to set clear product specifications and deliver results on time . . . He also showed a strong grasp of marketing, successfully launching the product and achieving strong adoption rates...

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Zohar Bronfman profile picture
Zohar Bronfman
CEO and Co-Founder @ Pecan AI
Zohar was Jonathan’s client
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...Jonathan is a real capable product, product marketing and content expert . . . Jonny is highly experienced, well acquainted with the data space - analytics, BI, Visualization, AI, ML an RNNs, and was always able to create a clear story and a narrative around these areas...

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Yori Gabay profile picture
Yori Gabay
CEO and Co-Founder @ InstallFree
Yori managed Jonathan directly
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...When you think about the type of people you want to have on board when you start a company, Jonny is it--smart, dedicated, passionate, out-of-the-box thinker, creative, self-motivated and ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done...

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Boaz Amidor profile picture
Boaz Amidor
Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications @ WalkMe
Boaz managed Jonathan directly
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...Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and proactive perfectionist. Desire for proficiency and education makes Jonathan a valuable asset to the team...

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Francesco d'Amico profile picture
Francesco d'Amico
Italy Country Manager @ Ceedo
Francesco worked with Jonathan on the same team
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...a mix of capabilities rare to find in the same person . . . he has a strong vision and technical skills that let him lead the product development with continuous innovation [and]a great marketing person able to create and implement a comprehensive Marketing Plan into both B2B and B2C scenarios...

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Alexander Grushko profile picture
Alexander Grushko
Software Engineer @ Ceedo
Alexander reported directly to Jonathan
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...Under his management he taught me that nothing is black and white, emphasizing on growing professionally everyone in the scrum. His methods are very artistic, out-of-the-box thinking, helping to simplify too complicated process with brilliant and easy applications...

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Jeanne Morain profile picture
Jeanne Morain
Jeanne managed Jonathan directly
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...Mr. Solomon has great technical and marketing prowess - a gift - that is not easy to come by. He is uniquely able to move from simplifying deep technical architectures or User Interface Designs to creating marketing campaigns...

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Carol Davies profile picture
Carol Davies
Project Manager @ HP
Carol worked with Jonathan but they were at different companies
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...He is a highly motivated and talented individual with an eye for detail and a unique talent for seeing ideas and moving them forward to production solutions....

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Olof Lagerkvist profile picture
Olof Lagerkvist
Software Engineer @ Ceedo
Jonathan was Olof’s client
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...He has managed software projects and coordinated development as well as successfully elaborating around software design and ideas between his in-house developers and me . . . and managed project priorities successfully...

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Dedi Ben-Natan profile picture
Dedi Ben-Natan
VP Sales @ Ceedo
Dedi was senior to Jonathan but didn't manage Jonathan directly
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...Jonny has deep technical knowledge combined with great marketing perspective, long term relationships with key customers. Jonny brings broad marketing and product management experience in various technologies and to various sectors...

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Elyasaf Kaufman profile picture
Elyasaf Kaufman
Software Engineer @ Ceedo
Elyasaf reported directly to Jonathan
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...Jonny has deep technical knowledge combined with great people skills that allowed him to lead the team efficiently, while resolving any problem - from administrative to the most minor technical detail, with fast and creative solutions...

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Tal Bar-Oz profile picture
Tal Bar-Oz
Account Manager @ Ceedo
Tal worked with Jonathan on the same team
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...When he does a demo for a prospect you always know we will go to POC and when you need technical answers for non-technical decision makers, he is always there and the outcome is always excellent...

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Asher Asi Hakmon profile picture
Asher Hakmon
VP of Professional Services @ Ceedo
Asher was senior to Jonathan but didn't manage Jonathan directly
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...Jonny brought this product to life from the idea to a real product that is becoming better and more practical from day to day . . . Jonny was also able to find strategic customers as part of his GA plan, and find third party software to integrate with in order to shorten time to market...

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David Bergman profile picture
David Bergman
Marketing Manager @ Medic4All
David was Jonathan’s client
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...Jonathan is a true artist that combines the creative elements of graphic design and the understanding of his customer's needs...

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Nadav Mahler profile picture
Nadav Mahler
QA Engineer @ Ceedo
Nadav reported directly to Jonathan
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...Jonny is a one-of-a-kind thinker and performer, fun to work with, always up to date with the latest technology, always up to answer any question in detail, and knows how to get the maximum out of people....

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David M. Karofsky profile picture
David M. Karofsky
VP Marketing @ InstallFree
David managed Jonathan directly
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...He has a keen understanding of the industry in which he works and he is student of the market as well. He has a great ability to synthesize what is needed and turn it into useful and practical deliverables...

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Gilad Hertanu profile picture
Gilad Hertanu
Director of Post Sales @ InstallFree
Gilad worked with Jonathan on the same team
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...He has a great design talent and is capable of generating superb UI, visuals and collaterals . . . he always contributes fresh insights and unique ideas. Overall, I very much value Jonathan’s opinion and point of view...

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Yakov Cohen
VP Sales & Marketing @ Storwize (IBM)
Yakov was Jonathan’s client
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...Jonathan delivered high class demos, graphics, web design and company logo. It was a pleasure to work with him but more importantly the deliverables were second to nothing...

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Click here to watch some demos on YouTube.

- Jonny.

Kapital - Supply Chain Analysis and Risk Management Tool

Role: end-to-end technical product management, UI/UX, ETL, prototyping, and product marketing.

Kapital's Full Project Delivrables

FireBrick/8Cats - Whitelable Project Management Software

Role: end-to-end product management, UI/UX, API, pre-sales, and product marketing.

Firebrick original UI/UX design and product plan – with card slider open
UI/UX Plan
8cats (Firebrick GA version for CDG’s clients) - app website
8cats (Firebrick GA version for CDG’s clients) - Presales presentation
Pre-Sales Presentation
Firebrick Full Project Delivrables

Patternz: DMP for Election Campaigns

Role: UI/UX designer, user research, and road-mapping.

Watch the Animated User Stories

tyto Care: Power BI embedded into Dynamics 365

Role: UI/UX designer, data analyst, project manager.

Want to see more product marketing and management work?

Check out my old portfolio here...

Career History

Perm & FTC Positions


Product Manager

Health Quest Global

06/2023 –


Head of Product

Computing Distribution Group

07/2019 – 05/2023

R&D Services
AI / ML & Data

Senior Product Manager

Dragonfly Digital Transformation

11/2017 – 07/2019

R&D Services
AI / ML & Data

Director of Product Marketing


03/2017 – 01/2018

B2B SaaS

Technical Product Manager


01/2012 – 03/2017

Cyber Security
Enterprise IT

Technical Marketing Manager


02/2007 – 06/2011

Enterprise IT

Digital Marketing & UI/UX


03/2001 – 02/2007

R&D Services